The tweet that saved the Pokemon franchise for me

As you know, the latest games “Let’s go Pikachu” and “Let’s go Eevee” just got announced recently.

And they look… Well, like this.

Technological marvels, for sure (at least for the gaming world), it even seems than a new version of the pokewalker is back, this time not just for strolling, but also to be used as a joycon itself.

Let’s be real, these games are simple, given these games were designed to let Pokemon GO fans ease into the series (hinted by the CP stats and all the connectivity the game supports).

As a fan of the main core series since its roots, I believe I’m not the only one to notice the huge change in difficulty the games are having.

“Sure, it’s for kids, but…”

The pokemon company is well aware that they have all kind of fans, both casual and competitive, some people literally only are in the series to find shiny pokemon and nothing else, could you imagine making a living out of that?

Hardcore fans have been worrying that the games will get, well, too easy, to the point of not being enjoyable (The forever-lasting tutorials are also a problem). And this game would be the ball drop on difficulty.

“If this is where the series is going…I’m done for”

While visiting Kanto for the 5th time in the series sounded like a probably good experience, it would probably be too focused on introducing new mechanics to have a good storyline, or introduce new Pokemon.

“Speaking of which… Where are all the pokemon?”

Sure its a Kanto remake, but it should be natural to encounter at least 1 pokemon from another generation in the whole trailer…right? Well, there goes my team variety…

The future seemed very dark for the franchise, until a tweet from Pokemon’s official twitter account saved my day.


Oh, look, there actually will be another game on 2019, a core game. I guess this means the “Let’s go” titles are a kind of spin-off to the series…

Maybe that could mean the “core” game will actually be more focused than ever for the hardcore fans, but that only time will tell.

For now, after 24 hours of analyzing and thinking about it, I’m sure to say that this games could actually be good for the franchise, since now both casual and hardcore fans can have their cup of tea.

Future seems bright 🙂

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